L’art de conduire et d’atteler par Faverot de Kerbrech.


FAVEROT OF KERBRECH, General Baron.- The Art of Driving past and Hitch – Today Chapelot-Paris (1903) folio XIII-489 pages. Half morocco with corners of the time, back with nerves decorated the title in gold letters.

Signed copy by the author

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Copy number 62 of the 75 printed on vellum and numbered special to the press the first edition of the largest book and best documented ever written in French on the hitch and cars. Signed by one of the leading riders of the modern history of horse riding, this book felt very complete by Mennessier La Lance, is illustrated with 340 engravings in the text and outside text and 16 inset plates including 8 colors .

The book is in perfect condition and signed by Faverot of Kerbrech.